Tereza K.

Tereza K.

Fra 180 kr/time
Tager imod nye studerende

Tereza K.

Tager imod nye studerende

The best FCE & CAE preparation & English conversation with an experienced tutor

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Pris Fra 180 kr/time
Foretrukne tider: om formiddagen, om eftermiddagen, om aften, weekend


Why should you choose lessons with me?
🖌️I am an experienced tutor who has been teaching English for more than 7 years
🖌️ I will create an individual plan for your preparation according to your specific needs
🖌️ I will provide you with detail feedback on speaking or writing after every single lesson as a bonus! 🤩
🖌️ You will obtain all materials, so you do not have to buy anything
🖌️ You will master your speaking skills with me
🖌️ You can join speaking or writing oriented courses (or all in 1😉)

Don't forget, preparing for any exam can be a bit overwhelming and tiring, but I will make sure that you preparation becomes your new favourite activity 😎

Even though I primarily focus on exam preparation, I also teach kids and conversational lessons, or just simply help students with anything they need for school or job

Some facts about me:
🖌️I myself successfully passed both FCE & CAE exams
🖌️ I have a degree in English & Russian for commercial purposes
🖌️ Studied in the Czech Republic & Portugal
🖌️ Currently studying MA in linguistics in Denmark